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Rendering for Watercube

As a company active in the field of design and architecture, watercube needs to present its concept as effectively and realistically as possibile. Dealing with the rendering of water features and with specif water effects it’s a true challenge, both in terms of technical aspects and of emotional appeal. For Sheik jaber Al Ahmad and […]
Logo Design for Passione Playing Cards LLC

Branding for Passione Playing Cards LLC

The use of simple graphic signs gives life to a logo that, in a minimal key, simulates the play of the water jets that animate the dancing fountains signed by watercube design.
Instructions for Cardboard Furniture, Chair - Cover

Cardboard Furniture for Studio M

Studio M requires technical consultancy for the development of some of the first cardboard pieces of forniture, a currently popular example of sinergy between design and sustainability. The furnishings are thus developed in a serie of design phases, from 3D modeling to the elaboration of the assembly instructions.
DuePunti Studio - Prato