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Caravaggio - From Reality to the Painting, Photo of Maria Maddalena

Caravaggio – From Reality to the Painting

Caravaggio - From reality to the painting was born with the intent to clone in photography the great masterpieces of the Milanese artist Michelangelo Merisi, called Caravaggio.
Young Cosplayer at Prato Comics + Play

Organization of Prato Comics + Play

Since 2013 Duepunti contributes with passion to the organization of PratoComics + Play. It's an Italian exhibition taking place every year thanks to the team of +Prato, to the collaboration of the Municipality of Prato and of Officina Giovani and to the financial and technical support of sponsors like Publiacqua, Unicoop Firenze, Wacom and Lega Nerd.

Photo Shoots for Ruoteclassiche

Photo services and reportage showing vintage motorbikes and cars in Italian locations of historical and cultural interest.
DuePunti Studio - Prato