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Caravaggio - From Reality to the Painting, Photo of Maria Maddalena

Caravaggio – From Reality to the Painting

Caravaggio - From reality to the painting was born with the intent to clone in photography the great masterpieces of the Milanese artist Michelangelo Merisi, called Caravaggio.

Digital communication for Watercube

Watercube is an expertise water features firm that has been working in the field of architecture and design for more than 30 years. Since april 2018, we’ve been taking good care of watercube online activities with tailor-made strategies and contents. The service mainly involves social media like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Youtube, but also […]

Photo Shoots for Ruoteclassiche

Photo services and reportage showing vintage motorbikes and cars in Italian locations of historical and cultural interest.
DuePunti Studio - Prato