Graphics for Prato Comics + Play

Graphics for Prato Comics + Play

Since 2013 we contribute with passion to the organization of PratoComics + Play. It’s an Italian exhibition taking place every year thanks to the team of +Prato, to the collaboration of the Municipality of Prato and of Officina Giovani and to the financial and technical support of sponsors like Publiacqua, Unicoop Firenze, Wacom and Lega Nerd.

Among the many services we provide for the event, we coordinate and work in synergy together with communication, graphic and web departments.

We are proud to say we’ve designed the last 7 posters of the event. Even if nowadays the use of online advertising is essential, in fact, a local event needs to be advertised also through traditional means of communication.

The graphic design of the event is always based on an illustration that is signed by internationally renowned authors, and that is specifically created for the event. The illustrations need to be incorporated with a lot of necessary information, such as dates, location, sponsors, themes, main guests and so on. Indeed, it’s a delicate game of balance.

The final result is colorful and fun, as appropriate for an event dedicated to game and cartoon lovers.

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